Majority of people could have been a part of your history but not a part of your destination. This realisation teaches us real life lessons to be reserved and unexploited from anyone.

I wish to define my days as gone miseries
Since, I was born I never saw my mother at ease
To aid her ailment, I laboured hard for life long relief
She wished my success and I prayed to end her difficulties

I was too young to save my mother’s life
To erase the instability was my mouth’s slice
But I gained no family support after her demise
And I lifted them up for years with no cries

I ruined my days by sustaining selfish breed
Once I said ‘no’ ever to fill their deathless greed
Dying of hunger and slept under the trees
To aid bloodline, bring them eternal ease

Blindly loved usurious and grabby crowd
I was bullied, ill-used until shouted aloud
And could find no family to feel proud
Saving my labour, I aimed without doubt

I was ached, cried for my restless bones
No one noticed my efforts over thrones
I was trapped under do’s and don’ts
And directed to pay the countless loans

The day I opened wings to fly in the sky
I too desired of holding my head high
And dreamt of easy survival until I die
But the flood of greed put me on cry

I initiated to fill the empty mouths again
To unite the empire, I forgot all my gain
An unkind attitude exploited my brain
They were blind to my emotion and pain

I was misguided throughout bachelor’s age
Lived in debt, penniless till marital stage
No guilt I had, to lift their financial page
I was unfortunate not to enjoy self-earned image

Inhumane greed left me footless in the end
On my wedding, I stood distitute to spend
And failed in making my spousal life grand
So hostile they were to my eternal brand

Too anguished they were to my voguish life
Opposed her and set faces against my wife
My civilised lady denied their arrogant ride
They fooled me longer that I admitted twice

To see the real faces, i was broken and hurt
They had no morals, no ache except the dirt
And will never appreciate even a tiny effort
Despite all, I am the happiest one to marry to beloved consort



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