We are soon falling on the polling booths. Let’s make the education, healthcare and employment everyone’s priority to vote for splitting India.

Free and equal access to funded education is by and far a myth to be enjoyed by majority under the corrupted system of ruling governments.

We, the youth of India make one of the biggest demographic ratios from nation-wide population. The complex social base holds incredibly talented, skilled and laborious learners. The keen devotion in us to attain better knowledge and education put high values on an advent of scholarships. None of us is fortunate enough to enjoy all the rights given to us being an Indian citizen. It’s necessary to recall our rights to have equal access to funded education for socio-economic advancement and “to get something out of the running system”.

Most of us are trapped within corrupted network of socio-political realms. It bereaves our rights to take advantage of public facilities like education, healthcare, sanitation and employment. The prevailing unequal patterns of the nation have divided society into rich and poor. Also, some social and communal tensions have put intangible barriers on the modern political system

Fundamental rights and legal provisions clearly states the rights of every citizen with basic minimum needs, the free and compulsory education to all. Despite that, we hardly earn the fruits of perks and stipends provided by government. This malpractice attacks on the lives of scholars and career builders at large. None of the business class, political leaders and high class society come into the battlefield for begging equality and rights. Scholars within democratic state struggling the phase of “denial of educational rights and right to funded scholarships”.

We are soon falling on the polling booth, I wish each of us could take a stand primarily for better ruling system. So that we all can have an easy access to funded higher education. Remember, the running dominant system is only mean to activate your jammed routes with an enormous benefits and plans. Don’t leave a chance to vote, make an effort to visit the polls and illuminate your spark of flying high in the sky.

Healthcare, education and jobs are the basic minimums to meet the normal living standards, necessary for a decent life. If not the whole society, It affects the most needed and poverty-stricken masses. Keep in mind that single efforts can lit up infinite lives with an access to basic requirements like free or partially/fully sponsored education. Once the system begin to sale these basic minimums into a commodity to be controlled, it leaves this accessibility to the very small percentage of population. Whereas the most needed are neglected and pushed into digs. This practice has already gained success in doing so to a greater extent . It has blocked their roads due to unequal distribution of resources and by altering educational policies.

Low-grade education never lift up retrograde society and can’t see them progressive in any way. Such backwardness can lead no advancement towards any development and standards. Let’s take mediocracy out of the corrupted system. Let’s encounter the social control exerted by group action. Education is our basic right and no one can ever be denied to attain it. Combat it because it is not a piece of merchandise to be bought and sold for a price. Education is the most powerful weapon and a right of every citizen that knows no socio-political breakdowns and differences.


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  1. Amazing blog, pleasure to read it!
    Not easy to make thought process like this. We are to think differently to make changes done.

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