Dowry is a mother of all social evils and a heinous act. This practice has marked every daughter as a curse to society causing parental burden, bride on fire and suicide.


My eyes were filled with glory on that day
When they proposed me to walk down the aisle
And so swiftly we took vows to lead the sway
We bonded us together and rejoiced all the way

The dearth of etiquette push them to greed
So audaciously they prioritise the dowry with greet
I was blessed with forgery and cheat
And they measured me into endowment heap

The crown of bride made me dead
I was broken, hurt and sad
Myopic family failed me to accept
I was shattered while beastly caged

I was educated, intuitive and keen
But all they need was asset to lean
My laborious father filled each bill to accomplish my dream
But they knew know value of academic stream

I was expected to be a typical housewife
And never appreciated for the success of height
I was supposed to bear my own living price
Where my groom was ordered to run their diet

I survived a brutally selfish holocaust
My joyous happiness was faded and lost
But I appeared heroic to tie an eternal knot
And there arouse an aesthetic lady on a positive note

No human is born to meet everyone’s need
I am a bride not a slice to eat
I believe in give and get respect for peace
No right authorise a mass to judge my street.


6 thoughts on “THE SCAR OF DOWRY

  1. I appreciate your thoughts on social evils prevailing since decades. keep raising your voice against criminal offences.

  2. I liked the last phrase “I am a bride, not a slice to eat”. We need to respect girl. Please stand by to support and promote her on human right issues.
    Best Wishes,

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