Motherly love can’t be replaced by anyone. Her magic creates special bond with children. After her demise, she leaves special memories to the youngest one.

I lived a life of pain and grief
Uncared and unloved grew up alone
Educated myself to feel the relief
Where society kept blaming my ease

I married to a wise gentleman lover
And blessed with my world of innocent children
But the destination was yet to cover
Where the poverty broke me weaker

Somewhere alone, I cried with a louder voice
Run a family of five children with least income
But I prayed and worked as they were my pride
I woke up starved and slept penniless, this is how I survived

Eldest four, succeeded partially forever
But my youngest suffered the poorest phase
One day, I left to the heaven and met him never
He was shattered, as he couldn’t heard me ever.

My dearest son stood bold to sustain the family
Became laborious for the impoverished elders
Rested on paths, stay foodless but he fought with drudgery
After long, he got wealth and fortunes luckily

He kept and felt the pain of my sickness
And met my dreams to embrace kindness
Unfortunately, no one appreciated his zeal of power
Badly hurt by greedy clans which grabbed him over

He forgot to smile milder and laugh louder
And arouse the family from down to high
Build an empire and appeared more stronger
Later, there emerged a jealousy which put him on fire

He tied a knot with an elegant girl
Then he healed all the aching wounds
Like again, met his happiness with windy swirl
And newly weds started rejoicing like a pearl

He was trolled to follow familial guideline
Where none can breath in the airy winds
It could depart spouses into breaking line
But he chose his love and today walking on the cloud nine.

Dear son, I can see your face before me
I wish I could hear your voice near me
But I can feel your presence around me
I get relief when you pray and remember me.


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