The essence of education

(The essence of education)
India is the most diverged and populous country in the world, agonizing the ailment of manifold factors like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, health issues etc. Lack of education is the main cause of poverty which gives a birth to other problems like unemployment and health. Education system in India is unorganised and unregulated due to costly higher education, inadequate government funding, gender disparities. Six Indian States account for about 70% of all illiterates in India like Bihar, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, UP, Assam etc). Despite of establishing enormous universities, colleges and schools, half of the youth can be shortlisted as uneducated or less educate.

Lack of Education is the fundamental issue in India. Primitive and down-trodden areas are centre of the problem. Witnessing the same and knowing that education is the over all development of society, I am concerned about every Indian citizen not only in terms of education but in socio-economic welfare and political milieu too. The entire scenario is en-rooted under ill management, backwardness, unawareness, ancestral illiteracy, disorganized infrastructure and so on.

By the grace of Almighty God, we have the most prestigious colleges and universities across Indian states where beginners/aspirants become a part of the manifesto to attain the pinnacles of mastery . But the evil of gender disparities keep majority of girls out from gaining the fruits of education. Unawareness and backward social base leave them uninterested in accomplishing deep knowledge for higher education. Girls education in India substantially in poverty-ridden and retrograde towns has always been opposed, discouraged and demoralized just because of financial factors, conservatism, small-town prejudices, backwardness and inequality prevailing since long. It’s the high time ending up with dark side of human brain. Unstoppable tongue, endless speeches and infinite deliverance of ideologies won’t educate ill-minds, it’s us, our brains and actions to reform or reconstruct the thrashed plot. It needs a spotlight, make-up and systematic framework. According to me, the following guideline should be be adopted by educational institutes with an achieving aim .

  1. Compulsion of 75% attendance irrespective of girl or boy.
  2. Redefine the purpose of education.
  3. Allowance of private capital.
  4. Take mediocrity out of the system.
  5. Unintegrated or segregated classrooms for girls and boys.
  6. Get smarter people to teach.
  7. Organising periodic seminars with compulsory attendance
  8. Launch personality development cells and conduct counseling  sessions.

It’s my firm belief that the only way to fight chronic poverty, backwardness and illiteracy is through equitable and quality education. Fortunately, we have many institutes but they are ill framed, unstructured, incautious, inattentive rather being progressive and goal oriented. 

In case of primitive towns and villages more than half of the female population is not highly educated as they don’t wish to be regular in colleges or if they wish to do so, are poorly judged as sluts and get their character second-rated or unsatisfactory by the society,  subjugated of attaining proper education. In major cases, parents don’t allow them to be regular in the college because of co-education system . Apart from this girls are forced for early marriages, restricted to walled-homes, neither they are allowed to work nor they have any interest just due to the lack of awareness, non-active minds and social pressure.

I wish to lodge my motive behind the above framework by keeping a deep sight into inadequacy as the lack of education is the fundamental problem. India is the most populous and diverged country in the world where every citizen must know the fact that education is the most powerful weapon for holistic development. So, the established institutes must focus upon enhancing quality education, by eliminating gender disparities, altering costly higher education fee. The essence of education can be achieved at large by eliminating inadequate government funding.

Being consumptive of this culture, I am personally determined to help and support this ill-minded youth. Lack of education is the main cause of poverty, root of all problems leaving humankind helpless. The role of legislation in implementing acts, governmental policies and programmes needs a regular check to achieve its goal. It must bring into real practice strictly and higher authorities should come forward to undertake prolonged and legal initiatives to sweep out the dirt of our society. Everyone of us is talented, skilled and brilliant in different ways, believe me they just need a little push by providing equitable and suitable way towards developmental goal.

Once they are given a chance with proper counseling and spirit, they will definitely rise and shine with distinct identities of civil servants, social workers, engineers and so on.

I wish everyone of us must have the spirit and compassion to water a plant in withered yards. It will definitely bloom each bud independently and individually.


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