The most kind and honest bond grows out of love and understanding. Relations take a worst turn to hatred if there emerges bitterness, grudges and distrust.

I have been restless for days and nights
Fault-finding fellows bereaved my rights
Tired of seeking favour for a dignified life
I was assaulted, battered at horrific fights

No hopes, my eyes could from that night
So hostile they were to my achieving ride
Envious four-flushers blocked my heights
Now, I wear no honour, no respect on their side

I am a noble wife and my husband’s pride
He embossed my journey with a fascinating ride
But no courtesy from kins I have ever enjoyed
They dragged my spouse to insomniac nights

I wish I could utter the pain hidden inside
They earn no nobility for wordless bride
Sucking my blood is their elementary diet
Nervy they are until I break my wedding light

Mutuality of lovers glittered the days and nights
I battled with hatred from sticky hypocrites
But Almighty blessed us a very pleasant life
How to embrace endearment , now we decide

I feel great to say, I am husband’s pride
To him, I am kind and an inspiring bride
Our faith on each other kept us tied
None could depart us ever at any fight


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