Marriage is not just about loving and falling for each other. It's a commitment and needs equal understanding.

Marriage ties a knot between two different individuals and turns out to be the most beautiful relationship for the lifelong fortunes. It binds hearts and souls in a single character expressing an abundant contentment, devotion and peace throughout. It’s been a piece of brilliant achievement for the very new blow-in and stowing them in Seventh-Heaven. Marriage floats on a mutual respect and needs a healthy dose of admiration.

In a little lapse of time, they come closer to each other, admit strength and weakness, accept the differences and uncover the hinderances. This is how, the bounties of togetherness put them inside the veil of eternity.

The fashion of marriage is entirely an outlandish phenomenon as it extends the way to the greater challenges. Life starts to be counted on infinite dips and downs where the true charm of attachment leans. One of the most daring challenges is “Expectation v/s Reality”. Yes, and it includes a partner, family, kins and other folks, simply it is called a clash call. Every individual has a tendency to expect in different ways. Newly-weds are judged by family for not giving them proper time, not filling up their deep pockets, not sharing personal premises, expressing feelings and relationship status. Why the hell such ill-ideologies suck their fresh eves? How do they unmask their real faces to the new brats? It’s absolutely correct to say that “so called” well educated people are more likely to show their hidden firm ethos. Sometimes, this ashamed apathy demolishes the beautiful empire of valentines, else they learn to drown themselves under social hypocrisy and lead a life with sacrifices and compromises where the happiness hardly touches their hearts.

As it is pleasant to frame that “marriages are made in Heaven” says about the alighting lives of partners or the beauty of the new beginning. It folds two bodies into one soul and welcoming fresh journey with good hopes. Recess of hearts leads rest of the life by confronting good and bad as the nature of mankind is soaked by the will of expectation over reality. Where either Husband or wife and may be both expect from each other. Commonly, a lady falls on her man’s shoulder. Without reasons she keeps on weaving dreams, hopes and believes to be fulfilled by her consort. She embarks on desires and cries on failures and always wondering for every single wish to be satisfied by her man. Why does a housewife lack in understanding the efforts he makes to earn and to survive the best of standards. True love doesn’t exist greedy, pure relationship put no cost on desires and wishes madly. Single smile can win an aching heart what expensive values can not do so if a person isn’t loyal and honest to the self relationship. It is important to think that making wife feel special on occasions, presenting valuables on eves and showing her the line of love aren’t the only ways of expressing feelings and devotions. Being neutral and behaving natural can be the best form of true love for a person. If a husband is decent in nature, follows “simple living and high thinking” will definitely be out-of-bounds and off course not beating the drum for the partner in any course of life. But it’s not that he has no feelings, no love and no bonds.

The root of love needs equal affection and attachment from both. It is the faithfulness of husband to love, cherish and nourish his wife and cleave unto her non else. Expectation from husband may put high cost on her life. A man must respect her choices, dreams and standards as the ancient norm of patriarchy crushes her joys under pressure. Existence of a friendly bond between the two is mandatory which makes a man to miss her wife a hobby, caring for her a job, making her happy is his duty and loving her is an essential part of his life.

To cry and smile is a part of love, to fight and romance is a piece of dove and considered to be vital ingredients for the espousal ties. Better-halves must work like two wings of a single bird to amuse the romantic and healthy married life. Never look for perfections, make each other’s imperfections the perfect part of your destiny. It’s never-ending portion of love and grace. Enjoy the fruits of present and never expect for the next.



  1. MashaAllahh, true and honest words. I m not yet married still your views will b of great help for all those who are in this pious relation and even for those who will commence it in future. May Allah bless u n your husband with a worthy n beautiful future with His choicest blessings!

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