Motherly love can’t be replaced by anyone. Her magic creates special bond with children. After her demise, she leaves special memories to the youngest one.

I never imagined such devotion of mine
Until the moment I touched you crying

Felt so happy to cuddle you tight
My princess’ arrival turned me bright

I kissed you heartily all over your face
Held my angel with beauty and grace

Your shiny eyes so small and brown
Speak-off the charm you wear with crown

I could see your tiny hands and feet
Like a doll with pink lips and no teeth

Undoubtedly, a great blessing you are!
God gifted it by strengthen my power

Can’t wait to see you grow more loving
Sort of happiness I could bring

My little angel, doll and daughter
May you fly all above and higher

I love you from all my deep heart
Keep this infancy always in your cart

It’ll bring you joy, bliss and peace
If you remind childhood memories

I’ll give you enough of laughs
To be your world, mentor and better-half

Wish you success, health and luck
Remember your mother wherever stuck

See you brave to the infinity and beyond
Stronger you are to make a good bond

Be a good listener, learner I say
You’re born to inspire, I believe and pray

-Sumayya Shireen

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