individual behaviour - a curse to society. There grows hidden barriers for natural bahaviour and personality. It takes away the spirit of respect, love, value and dignity.

“Meet the real you”

On all accounts of life, we experience moments that make us feel emotional, weak and sentimental . Be it a bad eventuality or true shocking affair gets us down mentally . A fear of not being successful at something that we work hard on, going through personal challenges, or losing someone that a person love push tired-brains towards negativity at large and positivity in least cases. It can crush our dignified life to the worst unless we uphold the strength of being happy, comfortable and best to ourselves far and wide.
The wave of endless anxiety and trauma kills our temperament and take ourselves down to zero tolerance. And this is how depression walks into our life putting us upon strict isolation and social phobia . Then we get certified of being selfish, cruel, inhuman, barbaric , unkind, pitiless etc by our so-called “society”. An individuals’ character is embodied with collectively-differential nature that nobody is authorised to judge it and ain’t liable to do so.

Individuals’ natural behaviour is endurable to oneself but terrible to others largely. It puts impact on our personal, social or cultural life as stated that “man is a social animal” . Despite getting support, respect and dignity, a person seems to be helpless and vulnerable at inhumane nature of society.
It directly effects our social circle, colleagues, friends or relatives. Who knows your emotions, who entertains your anger, who appreciates your apology? None, but the reality is far beyond holding mutual understanding. Meeting their expectations is a more tougher than a “hard nut to crack”. It will put you in depression, dip down over the life and leave you in an unconscious fear. So, be you, love yourself, appreciate yourself, value yourself. In the end, It is you only getting fruits of your own hard labour.
Never loose self respect and value to any of the tiny creatures in the universe. No one owns it to you, It is essence of self reflection which every human is free to lead.

Life is like a melting ice-cream, take a taste of each bite before it melts.



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