Marriage is not just about loving and falling for each other. It's a commitment and needs equal understanding.

Only the heavens know my plight,
when I don’t have you in my sight.
My eyes get wet so often at night
That no words can ever describe.

My arms hold up to hug you tight
Meet me soon, cuddle me inside
Can’t remind the day last I smiled
I’ll kneel down to greet my pride

Worriedly anxious I could be despite
And sob deadly if you don’t arrive
Now just wonder how I’m still alive
Have words of honour never to fight

Like a colourless rainbow and light
No longer I look a beautiful bride
My tongue sours, throat is dried
Yours is the only name I read, I recite

From dusk to dawn miss you in fright
Tempting love desires flame to ignite
Every minute seems above the height
Ain’t it easier to rush and ride ?

~ Sumayya Shireen

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