Daughters are the blessings and a great pride to every family. They embrace happiness and love, grow up making bolder moves independently.

I am a girl, not a princess but an activist,
I have a passion to go high,
I want to fly more in the sky,
Yes, I am born brave and braver than ever.

I am proud to be a daring daughter,
I can create awareness everywhere,
I will become a new generation rider,
Yes, I am born strong and stronger than ever.

I know no controls and no pains,
But I can survive the struggling strains,
I will break unequal social chains,
Yes, I am born aspired to inspire the brains.

For the girls who suffered a lot,
And the abusers who shamelessly applaud,
I’ve been beaten for the unknown cause,
Yes, I am born and survived ashes from toe to throat.

From the males and females too,
I’ve been gauged and trolled too,
They forget they too peeled up by crew,
Yes, I am born to fight a vicious Waterloo

Since my infancy to the sick death-bed,
At the domestic and academic aid,
They swayed my dreams to the heinous fate,
Yes, I am born strongest to act boldest.



  1. Excellent lines and meaning full as well. I really appreciate your clearly written and thoughtfull article.
    Keep it up.


  2. Fantastic and awesome,in a way.The poem is heart touching and very sweet as it evoks personal feelings in the readers.
    I read the poem and it remind me of few lines of Anni Verma’s poem as:
    I am a daughter, my parents pride
    Have lot of pain hidden inside
    I am a sister and a wife
    But loving my character more then my life.
    So mabrook(مبروک) for the creative, pleasant and glorious poem”Daughters around the world”.

  3. I m highly mesmerized with your writing skills . Feminism is not about making girls strong. Girls are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength skills.
    Mind boggling blog .
    Keep writing
    Best wishes

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