The term virginity stands shameful for a female’s chastity. As present-day materialism put no cost on her respect and dignity.

(The lost virginity)

Embraced modesty beholds the truth
Bloom like a bud in the airy winds
smoky eyes, curvy looks bring to ruth
Off course, she is a woman owns all bear-fruit

How fascinating it is for the night stand sinners!
Biting wildly, straining body with locked cuffing
So overtly, she’s beaten and mobbed by suckers
Endless cries and traumatic tries take her to funeral.

The nasty devils laugh on her purity
They shake humanity spotting miseries of war
Innocent entity scratches to the nudity
And she is questioned on the lost virginity

They own no honour, no dignity and no respect
And dream a pious lady amusing in the wedding bed
Hang such beasts, shoot and slayed
They earn no honesty, no loyalty but a torturous death.


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