About Me

I am Sumayya Shireen, welcome to my blog! I am a full-time blogger, human rights activist and making plenty of distressed lives easier from this bold and dynamic medium.


From Hobby to Profession….

I am a human rights activist and serving society is an essential part of my standards. I am a student and work in multiple NGOs. I hold B.A (Hons) in political science and an MA in Human Rights. I work for the cause of Gender Inequality , Women Empowerment , Child Abuse, Education and other Civil Inequities.

I am heated for social awareness and community development. I do stand for the transformation, resolution and to create just society. I believe in the idea of “change for good” and labour against community-based atrocities.

I am a writer who keenly highlight the real faces of being human issues. My focus is basically on an encircled “SHAME, NUDITY AND THE DIRT OF EVILS”. I make a bold move by expressing the darker side, unseen and untold. My work wears a vision of help, support, empower and fight for the cause.

This platform of blogging made me more dedicated by sharing my work worldwide. I am curious to write, share, stand, help and support sufferers across the world in that order.

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